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TEDxMITWPU in 2019!

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

We put up a roaring event in 2019 under the slogan, "Reshaping Paradigms"

With over a 100 participants, it was the fruit of out labour, spreading knowledge & ideas to world.


Our 2019 speaker lineup, from left to right: Sunita Lele, Faculty, Ruturaj Vasant, Radhika Dixit (Faculty), Dr. Mala Srikanth, Dr. Sharadchandra Ingle, Sagar Gosavi, Salim Khan, Sameer Bundela.

And of course, our wonderful audience:


Strike a pose, why not?

Lunch is always a busy, but lively affair.

Our speakers love the crowd!

Until next time!

Our TEDx events are a result of hard work & the crew burns a lot of midnight oil to make these events a big success. And we wish to conduct many, many, more. We look forward to adding YOU to our gallery one day, & as always we hope you have a fun & intellectually stimulating time.

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